The Art of Project Report Design

The project work is a practical aspect of computer science in which computer teacher assign project titles to check leadership, intelligence, co-operative nature and depth of subject.

The project report is a very essential part of computer teaching. The project documentation is an art, so detail information about problems, its solutions, and required steps of problem solving procedures are essential components of it.



The collection of all the works involved in program development is termed as documentation. The documentation is produced by programmer and it is regularly maintained. The documentation has different life span depends on type of program. Many software development companies maintained documentation and upgrade time to time to change in software also. It is an asset of Developers Company.

Some important steps needed for efficient documentation are following:

(a) Problem Specification or System Specification: The problem specification is a first and foremost step for program development. If there are no problems, no need of any system development. If accurate problem is accessed, its efficient solution can be presented.

(b) Pseudocode: The Pseudocode is a tool of programmer. It is essential to define problems in simple English before coding.

(c) Flowcharting: It is a pictorial presentation of problem and its required logics.

(d) Tables

(e) Coding Sheet: The program is coded in higher level language. The program coding is included in documentation. It is a heart of documentation.

(f) Test data and Result: Several data are used to verify result. If results are accurate in all cases, input data and results in each case are maintained for reference.

(g) Technical Details: The technical details, system requirements and other necessary requirement for efficient result are included in documentation.

(h) Instruction for users: The user instruction is also included to, guide users.

In practical life, project documentation procedures seem different than actual procedures due to physical appearances, but internally same in all respects. The practical forms are described under  ”The Art of Project Documentation”.


The Art of Project Documentation


The project work is an implementation of knowledge in practical field. The project work should be related with finance, production, marketing, personnel, management and other fields of science and management. The stock controls, payroll, billing system etc. of any business sectors are main subject of project in graduation level. In some HSEB or universities, the project work is a partial fulfillment of the requirement of examination; so, it is used to check all round development of students as well as depth of knowledge prescribes subject of project work.

Generally, teacher gives the subject of project work and guides how project can be designed. The project designing is a very creative work in which subjective knowledge is implemented into practical form. The project work is documented for submission to University. Like as book, it has preface, acknowledgement, contents, and appendix.

Its contents have mainly following main topics:

(i) Student’s Detail: Name, Course, Session, address

(ii) Certificate by Supervisor or organization used for Project report

(iii) Acknowledgement: It is very important for project. The project writer has to acknowledge all the sources of information either living or non-living.



A great deal of time and much effort gave into going this project and several people have contributed significantly to his effort. I am taking this opportunity to thanks all of them.


I put forward my sincere thanks to my principal Mr. Dabal Bdr. Bist to provide well equipped computer laboratory and 24 hours facility to use computer during project session.


I express my sincere gratitude to my computer teacher whose kindness and vast knowledge has helped me to complete this task. His door is always open for students.


The constants help and encouragement of my family and friends who helped me restlessly is commendable.


(Subash Ghimire)


You can acknowledge Microsoft Company for his Microsoft office because project is written and designed using Microsoft products. Just like this, you can acknowledge to Turbo Company for his compiler of C / C++ used for program coding.

(iv) Contents: The content contains all names of all the topic, subtopics and page number.



i. Student’s Detail                             i

ii. Certificate by supervisor           ii

iii. Acknowledgement                    iii

iv. Abstracts                                      iv

1. Introduction                                1-5

2. Problem Description                6-9


(v) Abstracts: Theme of projects.



a. INTRODUCTION: This is an introductory phases of project report. The theme of projects is written in simple ways. It is concerned with historical background, and any other materials related with topics.


You are writing project reports about electricity billing system, the concept of electricity, hydroelectricity production mechanism, importance of electricity( for society, industries, transportation), measuring units, electrification of rural and urban area of Nepal etc are main things.


b. PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: In this phase the main problems are focused and analyzed.


The manual electricity billing system is not error free and efficient and people have to stand in ling queue at the time of bill payment. So, computerized billing system is required. In this way, student has to find out problems after interviewing with related person. The problem description is also a part of System Analysis.


c. OBJECTIVE OF REPORT: The main objective of report is described within this topic.


d. ALGORITHM DESIGN: The stepwise procedure of problem solutions is presented using Algorithm, flowchart or Data Flow Diagram. We can present both, flowchart and Data Flow Diagram in our project work.


e. ALGORITHM VALIDATION: Under this topic, sample input and output is written. It represents mode of operation. When we enter input data, particular types of results are obtained.


f. CONCLUSION: Reference, Appendix and source codes are presented within this topic of project report. The Appendix is optional it may or may not applicable in project report according to categories of report. Generally, any higher level programming language is used for source coding but in some Universities, choice of language is not optional, but it is fully restricted, students are not free to use any programming languages.


Suppose, you are expert in Q-basic, but project coding is not allowed in intermediate level. We use language which is prescribed by board or University. For instance, in MCA final year students of Guru Jambheshwar University, Hisar (Hariyana), code source program in C or C++ or C# language or Java. If they use Visual Basic, Delphi, or other language RAD (Rapid Application Development) tools, the prior permission from University is necessary, otherwise projects are rejected.

Forewords, certificate, acknowledgement, abstract, table of figures, list of tables, list of abbreviations are also given. The certificate of higher authority of concern organization is produced along with project reports.

The first page of project report should be more attractive. So we can use different fonts, styles and colors and logo of board or university. The background color or image can be used to add attractions. The computer science is a science of beauty, style and standard, so, we are free for art work without overlapping basic format of page designing.


Project Area


The project reports are not only few lines of coding in C or C++, the main objective of project writing is to test analyzing capacity of student along with ability to mobilize knowledge learnt during academic sessions.

The following areas are assigned for project reports.

(i) Electricity Billing System

(ii) Library Management, Hospital Management, Home Management

(iii) Telephone Directory

(iv) Admission System

(V) Payroll for any office or business organization

(vi) Petrol-pump Billing System and Management

(vii) Purchase and Sale system for Departmental store

(viii)Hostel Administration System, Purchase System

(ix) Banking, Airline reservation, Marketing, Advertisement

(X) News collection and printing system for Newspaper or magazine

(xi) Tournament Scheduling

(xii) A software to maintain records of patients

(xiii) Tour and Trip Management

(xiv)Marketing of products

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