Virtual Reality

According to Vedic philosophy all worldly objects are virtual, nothing is permanent, only these are object of decay and destination. In religious book, Geeta, the lord Krishna has explained about virtual reality and reality. The birth and death is real, and continuous process that took birth must have to die, but soul is immortal, it cannot be destroyed by means of any weapons, fire, water, air etc. Only it changes physical shape like as person replacing old clothes by new one.

According to him, “Brahma Satyam, jagata Mithya (Only soul is real, world is virtual)”. All the relations are virtual reality in which we are tied and fair weather escape is more difficult. The term virtual reality is contradictory in itself. If any object is virtual, how it may be real? We assume virtual reality is a virtual situation or pseudo situation of reality created to present glimpse of real world. The virtual reality is a demo version of real words or objects which are in existence or in practice. You can assemble computer in virtual computer workshop, but cannot sell to friends because this computer has not real existence, but virtual computer workshop can prepare you for real world computer assembly.


1. Virtual Reality



Virtual Reality (VR) is computer simulated reality. Also known as artificial reality and cyberspace or telepresence, it is an area of artificial intelligence that had its origins in efforts to build more natural, realistic, multisensory, human/ computer interface. So, virtual reality relies on multisensory input/ output devices such as a headset with video goggles and stereo earphone or a data globe or jumpsuit with fiber optic sensor that track your body movement.

The concept of virtual reality has come to existence in 1968 and first head mounted display system was designed by Ivan Sutherland.

The psychologists become extremely happy when listen about VR because the treatment of acrophobia (fear of height) can be easy through this new technique. Hyper Hospital is an on line medical care system based to VR which creates virtual environment of hospital with doctors, nurses, and equipment’s.

The defining feature of a virtual reality is the sensation of presence. This sensation is such that the user’s feels as though they were in a location other than their physical place.Three dimensional audio, wide screen computers, real-time animation, 3D interaction, gesture reorganization, heptic rendering, collision detection and response, facial communication, voice reorganization and synthesis, scene compelling users etc are most important components of VR.


Application of Virtual:



Current applications of virtual reality are wide ranging and include computer aided design (CAD), medical diagnostics and treatment, scientific experimentation in many physical and biological sciences, flight simulation for training pilots and astronaut, and entertainment, especially 3D videos arcade games. CAD is the most widely used industrial VR application.

It enables architects and other designers to design and test electronic 3D models of products and structures by entering the models themselves and examining, touching, and manipulating selection and parts from all angles.

  • Space Exploration: Space exploration, demonstration, training
  • Military Application: Battle field Simulator, Fighter plane simulator, weaponry systems, battlefield tricks and wistful tracks, Flight training, combat training etc.
  • Flight Simulator: It is a training kit for pilots. It helps trainee pilot to control airplane in different circumancetances.
  • Interior decoration: It is helpful for interior decorators.
  • Engineering: Every field of engineering virtual reality is proved as very successful tools of learning designing and module preparation of engineering products.
  •  Education: The VR based education materials are available for all categories of students. VR is boon for technical educations because students learn all the mechanism of machine or any system in virtual environment and apply in real situation.
  • Amusement: Several video games are developed using VR and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Product Marketing: Some business organization exploits VR in product marketing. It is used to demonstrate products, working mechanism, and maintenance techniques.


Devices needed for Virtual Reality



Apart from powerful hardware and graphic accelerator cards necessary for VR, other equipment is required to create the 3D world and allow input and output from the human perspective. To be effective, total immersion is required. This requires the blocking off of the normal world through the senses, especially the visual and auditory senses.

  • Helmets: A helmet is a head device that is fitted with visual display devices, and often auditory devices such as earphones and a microphone. The VR world is projected in 3D (often using stereoscopic images, a different image for the left and right eye) for viewing. This allows the projection of the world to be uncluttered by interference from outside. In addition, the more expensive units have motion sensors built into the helmet, which can detect head movement, or even eye movement, this information is sensed and fed back to alter the displayed images.
  • Gloves: These fit on the hands, and with motion senses which detect the movement of the hands in a 3D space, as well as pressure sensors (for the more expensive gloves), allow the user to interact with the 3D world by grasping and manipulating objects.
  • Body Tables (as depicted in The Lawnmower Man): These are tables which include helmets and hand controls, which the user rests on and the table moves in relation to the hand movements. The hand movements also are used by the computer to adjust the VR world presented to the user via the helmet, giving an experience greater than that obtained by just a helmet. This is due to the body deriving additional sensory information from the movement of the table.
  • Body suits: To gain more realism, so that the VR system can monitor other factors such as body temperature and movement of limbs, a full body suit is required. This includes sensors that monitor movement and muscle tension.

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