Comparison between IPv4 and IPv6

IPv6 stands for Internet protocol version 6. Ipv6 is a version of internet protocol. It is designed in-order to overcome IPv4.  The data’s and information’s are sent from one host to another in small packets following the protocol of international communication, which is commonly called as Internet protocol.

Every computer in network has a IP. Due to the rapid growth of internet more addresses (IP) are needed.  Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) developed IPv6 to deal with addressing problem on 1998.

IPv6 is an internet-layer protocol for packet-switched internet-working with 32 bit of space for internet protocol address.

IPv6 has 232  of possible addresses and it uses 128-bit addresses. This feature allows more users and devices to connect and provides flexibility in allocating addresses and efficiency on routing traffic.

Features that make IPv6 greater than IPv4:

1. Ipv6 has 128 bits of addresses which provides 340 billion billion billion billion (3.4×1038) of unique addresses.

2. NAT is not present in IPv6. NAT is a process of modifying IP address information.

3. Due to huge addresses Nat is no longer used in IPv6. So, it causes true end-to-end connectivity.  Due to this reason peer-to-peer applications like VOIP or other media can function effectively and efficiently.

4. IPv6 has ability of automatic configuration and has simple configuration mechanism known as plug-and-play auto configuration.  A host can automatically configure its own IPv6 address and doesn’t need any assistance.

5. Ipv6 header structure is designed to minimize the time with much simpler packed header structure.

6. IPv6 provides better security than IPv4. The main protocols used in IPv6 are: 1. Authentication header 2. Encapsulating Security Payload 3. Internet Key Exchange etc.

7. IPv6 provides better quality of services.

8. Ipv6 provides better Multi-casting and Anycast ability compared to IPv4.

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