Enable and Disable USB Disks

For several reasons, you may want to prevent the access of Flash drives and USB drives into your computer. For example, to prevent copying of secure data’s or to prevent from malwares, which may come into the system through Flash drives.

If you are waiting for an easy solution for controlling access of removable device then I have a solution for you.

Wenovo USB Disk Access Manager is advance software for controlling the access of removable storage. There are three type of access on this application.

1. Allow Read Only:

If this access feature is enabled, computer can only read the content from USB disks and cannot write any data to USB Disk. This feature is more affective when you don’t want to let you data out of your computer.

Enable and Disable USB disk Access

Enable and Disable USB disk Access

2. Disable USB Disks Detection:

If you enable this option then, your computer will not detect any USB disk plugged in. This option makes your data and information more secure and protected.

3. Allow read and Write:

If enabled, computer can both read and write to USB disks. This option allows user to make their choice to system default.

Using this application is quite easy than other application. You just need to run the application and select a choice and click on “apply” button to save the changes.

This is how we can we can enable and disable USB Disk access in Windows 7.

Download Wenovo USB Dsk Access Manager.

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