[How To] Create Windows 7 password reset disk

Windows 7 Password Reset disk is one of the advance feature present on Windows 7. With the help of Password reset disk, you can create a new password for an Administrator account.

This password reset disk will help you a lot when you don’t have an access to your account. If you forgot your windows password, then this disk will play a vital role in unlocking your computer.


Steps for creating windows 7 password reset disk:-


1. First of all you need to insert a USB drive on your computer and format it.

[Note: Don’t forget to backup your data’s of USB drive before formatting it.]


2. Go to control panel and then User accounts.


3. Now, click on “Create a password reset disk” option shown on the left panel.

Creating Windows 7 password reset disk

Creating Windows 7 password reset disk



4. After clicking on “Create a password reset disk”, Forgotten Password Wizard starts.


Forgotten Password Wizard

Forgotten Password Wizard


5. Click on “Next” in-order to continue.


6. Select a removable storage which you want to create as a password reset disk and click on “Next”.

Select a Removable storage for creating password reset disk

Selecting a Drive


7. Enter your current password and continue.


8. After clicking on next the process for creating password reset disk will start.

Create Windows 7 Password Reset disk



9. Click on “Finish” after the process is complete.

This is how we can create a password reset disk for Windows 7. With the help of this reset disk you can recover your lost password for your computer.

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