Windows IP utilities

Here are some IP utilities available in Microsoft’s windows operating system. These IP utilities can be used for finding out information about IP, host and domains.

Some of the IP utilities of Microsoft’s windows operating system are described below:



1. Ping

This command is used in order to test the reachability of a host on an internet Protocol network. This command is also used in order to find the round-trip time for a message sent from one computer to another.

Ping sends Internet Control Message Protocol echo request packets to a computer and waits for an ICMP response. In this method it measures the time need for transmission and records lost packets.




2. Telnet

A network protocol used on the internet or LAN for bi-directional interactive text-oriented communication is known as Telnet.  Telnet was introduced on 1969.

Telnet provides command-line interface on a remote host. Most of the modern operating system including Windows supports Telnet communication.  Telnet can also be used for remote configuration.


C:>telnet 25


[Note: The default port number is 23 and when port number is not specified the default port number is assumed.]


3. NSlookup

NSlookup is an advance command line tool available for querying Domain Name system (DNS) to obtain domain name or IP address for specific DNS record. Nslookup stands for name server lookup.

Nslookup can be operated on both Interactive and non-interactive mode. Using this command you can find IP address of specific website.




4. Netstat

Netstat is another advance command-line tool that displays all network connections, routing tables and number of network interface statistics. This command is available on Unix, Unix-like and Windows NT-based operating systems.

This command can also be used for finding problems on a network and determining the amount of traffic on the network.


C:>netstat –a

The above netstat command displays all active connections and their corresponding listening port numbers.

This command can also be used to determine the IP address, Host names of all applications connected to your computer. In overall netstat command is used to get an idea of all active connections to a given system.

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