Math is Fun

Ordered pairs
Tangents and Normals
Some simple algebraic functions
Set Operations
The Product Rule
Definite Integral
The Logarithmic Function
Techniques of Integration
Introduction To Functions
Techniques Of Differentiation
Implicit and explicit functions
Continuity and Differentiability
Continuity of a function(continuous and discontinuous functions).
Derivatives of inverse trigonometric functions
Derivative or Differential Coefficient of a Function.
The concept of Limit.
Exponent(index) and laws of exponents(indices).
Angle and it’s measurement.
Relation between sets.
The Chain Rule.
Derivative of implicit functions.
Maxima and minima
Types of matrices
The Quotient Rule.
Real Number System.
The Sum Rule.
Basic properties or theorems of limit.
Pythagorian Identities
Partial Differentiation
Trigonometric functions of negative angles
Derivative of simple algebraic or polynomial functions.
Right hand and Left hand limit of a function.
Distance Formula
Exponential Function.
Cartesian product of two sets.
Infinitesimals and Differentials.
Trigonometric transformation formulas
Types of Functions.
Trigonometric multiple and sub-multiple angle formulas
Second and higher derivatives.
Introduction to Set Theory
Composite Function.
Continuity Theorems.
The Power Rule.
Formulas for Area of a Triangle.
Integration by Substitution
Sine Law
Inverse Function.
Projection Law
Integration by trigonometric substitution
Half Angle formulas
Trigonometric Functions
Basic properties of Logarithms.
Antiderivatives ( Indefinite Integrals)
Variable And Constant.
Boolean Algebra
The Trigonometric Functions.
Properties of trigonometric functions
Venn diagram
Trigonometric Addition and Subtraction formulae
What is matrix
Derivatives of Trigonometric functions.
The Cosine Law
Derivatives of Logarithmic and Exponential functions.
Right angled triangle and Application of right angled triangle
Integration by Parts