What is matrix

The theory of matrix is a powerful tool in modern mathematics. It is especially useful in the system of linear equations, linear transformation and many other filed of

physics, chemistry, engineering and social science.

What is matrix?:

Matrix is a rectangular array of numbers arranged in row (horizontal lines) and columns (vertical lines) usually a matrix is enclosed between round or square




Usually matrix are denoted by a capital letter and two subscription.

Where “i” denotes the number of rows the matrix have and “j” denotes the number of columns the matrix have.

Elements of a matrix:
Each entry in a array(Matrix) is known as element of the matrix.
For example in

1 , 2 , 5 , 4, 8, 9 , 2 , 7 , 3 are the elements of matrix.
Elements of a matrix are denoted by small letter followed by two sub scripts.
For example:

Where “i” denotes the row position of “a”(element of matrix) in matrix and “j” denotes the column position of “a”(element of matrix) in matrix.
For example:
In matrix


The world of matrix is very interesting we can do a lot of things with matrix. For more advanced articles about matrix please search in the search box at top of the page.

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