Position and Displacement.

What is Position?

Position of an object is its location. In science, to find the position of an object we take a reference point or already known location and compare the location of two. We regard a place as reference point as the origin and find the distance of the object from the origin to find it’s  location as shown in figure below.

Position of an Object.

in above Example there are two Objects whose position are x=-2m and x=3 m. Or the first one is 2m away from origin in negative direction and second one is 3 m away from origin in positive direction.

What is Displacement?

If an object is in motion then the position of the object will be changing with time.

In such case, The total change in of the position of the object is known as it’s Displacement. By formula:


or , The displacement of an object(Δx) can be calculated by subtracting it’s initial position(x1) from it’s final position(x2)


Displacement is a vector quantity or it has both magnitude and direction.

For example: If an object moves from position x=3 to x=7 then it’s displacement by formula is +4 (or 4)  or it moves 4 unit in positive direction. And if it moves from x=3 to x=0 then it’s displacement formula is  -3 unit or it moves 3 unit in negative direction.

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